Appraiser as an Expert Witness Abroad

Expert witnesses attend trials to provide specialist information to help the court make an informed decision. However, there are some difficulties that expert witnesses may face when presenting complex information to a court of law.

Understanding the functions of appraisers as an expert witness is vital. Below are some of the tasks that expert witnesses should carry out when they appear in court.

  • They should be impartial. This means that an expert witness does not act as an additional advocate or represent either party in a court case. The appraiser serves to provide the court with more information regarding a topic that they are knowledgeable about.
  • An expert in real estate valuation is one of the specializations. This field could be anything ranging from valuation, title search, evidence-based assumptions.
  • An expert witness may be asked to offer their opinion before the court if necessary.
  • They need to deliver potentially complex principles or scientific concepts to the judge in a way that is easy to understand.

Expert testimony is needed in international family law cases. Recently I was appointed to  act as expert witnesses in various court cases abroad. Such testimony is often secured in cases concerning marriage dissolution, real estate partition. However, it is also useful in a myriad of other cases.

Such testimony might concern:

  • The lawyer’s experience with and knowledge of real estate valuation;
  • The division of foreign marital assets;
  • The discovery of hidden marital assets; and
  • The enforcement of foreign divorce and custody judgments.
  • Inheritance taxes in foreign countries.

Gus Agosto has been appointed as an expert on real estate valuation in many jurisdictions throughout the United States, Australia, Japan, United Kingdom and many more.

Gus Agosto has provided expert evidence in the form of testimony, deposition, expert witness reports and affidavits to many courts concerning valuation of real estate properties on family matter.

To have a firm grasp in handling clients as expert witness, one should have knowledge on the country’s family rules and procedures on expert witness. Including the content of the report and the timetable of the submission.

Following are the examples of the family rules in two countries, Australia and United Kingdom.

The Clients are screened mainly by lawyers; thus, credibility and experience in the profession are essential.

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