Agosto Named as Expert Witness in Australia

All rise!

Gus Agosto was recently appointed to act as an Expert Witness in a Family Court of Australia. The court and parties’ instruction is to conduct a valuation of properties in dispute as a part of marital settlement. They are adopting the standards set by the International Valuation Standards and the Philippine Valuation Standards and under Rule 15.5 of the Australia’s Family Law Rules of 2004.

An expert witness is a person who has recognized and reliable specialist knowledge, skills, or experience in the particular area under consideration in a court case. The court will call for expert evidence where there is a need to understand the nature of the material presented outside the court’s knowledge and experiences.

Before the appointment, the Supreme Court of State of New York and California Family Court appointed Consultant Gus as an Expert Witness to a court dispute. Also, in a similar case in a Family Court in Australia, he was then appointed as an Expert Witness.

An expert witness’s essential duty is to help the court with matters within the expert witness’s knowledge and capability and give an objective and unbiased opinion that is also independent and impartial on issues within the expert witness’s knowledge and capacity.

“I am happy to be of help to our clients in different part of the world. Being appointed by the court or by the parties involved is not an easy task. I was subjected to different screening on my qualifications, experience, and knowledge,” Consultant Gus exclaimed.

Gus is currently the President of AA+ Appraisal & Consultancy. He is also working as a consultant of the Asian Development Bank and a University of San Carlos faculty. He is a licensed real estate broker, appraiser, consultant, and environmental planner.

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