Title and Property Search

Project Type: Mixed Use Commercial/Vacant lot
Client: US Immigrant (Confidential)
Assignment: Title and property search

AA Consulting was hired to conductIMG_5397 a property search of multiple lands in Metro Cebu with different uses. The complexity of the assignment was obvious, having only a list of properties as initial records at hand. Thus, AA Consulting conducted a real estate investigation of the properties enumerated in the list. The firm were able to locate the legal documents, maps and actual site of the properties and conducted site visits of the properties already been identified, tracing back historical facts and ownership of the properties and analyze. Lastly, upon the request of the client, the appraisal of the properties to determine its market value.

As a result of the good work and in-depth research provided by AA Consulting, the property owner-claimant has strengthened his claim in the US Court and received the proportionate share of the properties the estranged couple once owned.