Successful Real Estate Consultant Review

parcs cebu (2)Philippine Association of Realty Consultants and Specialist (PARCS) successfully completed its 120 Hour Comprehensive Seminar and Review for Consultants. The seminar was conducted in preparation for the upcoming Philippine Regulation Commission Real Estate Consultant Board Examination scheduled on December 3 -4, 2014.

The seminar and review gives the participants an in-depth knowledge on consultancy, due diligence, land administration, risk and rate of return, capital budgeting, market analysis and the conduct of feasibility study.

“It gave me a profound and broader view of my real estate profession”, said Gus Agosto, one of the participant. Currently, he is a practicing real estate appraiser in Cebu and other provinces in Visayas and Mindanao. “Being an economic researcher for a quite of time, the seminar refreshes my craft and add lot of knowledge plus the practical experiences shared by the participants who are seasoned real estate practitioners themselves..”

The seminar and review participants were determined to pass the board exam. The lecturer of the review include real estate icon Tom Academia, seasoned appraiser and consultant Oscar Labrador and Alexander Lumarda.

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