Expert Witness Sheds Light on Property Value in CBAA Court Hearing

Consultant Gus Agosto recently testified as an expert witness during a court hearing held by the CBAA (Central Board of Assessment Appeals) last May 4, 2023. The hearing pertained to a property subject to litigation and required an assessment of its value. Agosto played a crucial role in shedding light on the property’s worth, providing a comprehensive description, and highlighting its current condition.

The CBAA is a quasi-judicial agency under the Department of Finance (DOF). Its primary responsibility is to make decisions on real property tax assessment cases that have been appealed from the decisions of the LBAAs (Local Board of Assessment Appeals) of cities and provinces. This mandate is defined by Republic Act (RA) No. 7160, also known as the Local Government Code.

A lawyer expressed her admiration for Gus Agosto’s performance during the cross-examination, stating, “Thank you for dedicating your time and putting in the effort to prepare for the cross-examination. Your performance today was commendable.”

Augusto offers valuable litigation appraisal support for civil litigation and criminal cases in both local and international courts. With his vast expertise in appraisal and litigation as an expert witness, he has consistently achieved remarkable outcomes throughout his extensive professional career. He specializes in providing legal support in various cases, including marital settlement, expropriation, estate settlement, eviction, lease disputes, and other related matters. His experience and knowledge make him a trusted resource in the legal field.


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