Value of the Appraisal Profession

In the recent episode of Ikonsulta mo kay Doc EG, Appraiser Consultant Gus Agosto was interviewed on the state and importance of the appraisal profession. Appraiser Gus provided a deeper look on government expropriations due to build, build, build program, and the initiatives provided by the Supreme Court to hasten the resolution of expropriation cases. These includes the creation of special courts for public roads and the new ruling on the reconveyance of properties, which are not in its public use.

Dr. Eduardo G. Ong, was the first chairman of the Professional Board of Real Estate Service (PRBRES) which is under the supervision of the Professional Regulation Commission. He is currently the Dean of Real Estate Management in Lyceum University in Las Pinas City.

The interview highlighted on the different methodology in appraisal and its importance to the real estate professionals, buyers, sellers, banks, courts and other players of the industry.

Consultant Appraiser Gus Agosto is the President and Chief Executive Officer of AA+ Appraisal & Consultancy, Inc., which is primarily based in Cebu. Some of its notable clients are the Cebu Provincial Government, Ayala Property Management Corporation, Paramount Property Ventures, University of Southern Philippines, Southwestern University, Queensland Property Development, Vivant Corporation, GSE Law Firm, Atup Uy Ahong Law Offices, PTT Corporation and many more. He was also hired as consultant by the Asian Development Bank for an Inclusive Housing Financing Project.

The discussion ended with the insightful presentation shared on the need to propagate the value of the profession and the continuing education for the appraisers in order to get the trust of the public.

“Public should trust the appraisers on the value aspect of their properties. Appraisers are trained and knowledgeable in this craft, and they continue honing their skills to serve the public better.” Consultant Gus Agosto ended.

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