Valuing Our Story: The history of AA RealtyPro Solutions

AA RealtyPro Solutions was established on August 2, 2012.  Its founder Augusto B. Agosto, has led the organization from its humble beginning to the present.

AA RealtyPro Solutions started as full real estate service firm. It was an endeavor initiated by the founder as a testament for his many years of experience in real estate. Upon his passing the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Licensure Examination, Mr. Agosto served as the Managing Partner of a national appraisal company for its Cebu Branch and then attempted to form a branch of another Manila based appraisal company serving banks and private companies which did not last long.

On July 2014, it expanded its services to include real estate appraisal. The first corporate clients were General Milling Corporation and Classical Geometry Export Corporation. Its historical leap started when the biggest cooperative in the Visayas and Mindanao, Cebu CFI Community Cooperative, acquired its services.

On November 2014, it started in court litigation appraisal when Mr. Agosto was appointed by the Regional Trial Court of Lapu-Lapu City as Appraisal Commissioner. Then, it rendered appraisal services to different schools and universities in the Province of Cebu such as University of the Philippines-Cebu Campus, Southwestern University, Cleaverlearn Inc., University of Southern Philippines, and Bantayan Southern Institute.

On September 2017, AA RealtyPro Solutions has been hired to appraise an apartment building in Sampaloc, Manila by GSE Law Firm, a respected law firm in the country. Then on February 2018, AA RealtyPro Solutions was commissioned by Vivant Power Corporation to appraise a power plant in La Union. Since then it has appraised commercial, residential, and industrial properties in Luzon and the National Capital Region (NCR).

AA RealtyPro is recognized as one of the growing appraisal business firms in the country today. It has achieved this unrivaled growth and reputation for excellence due to its successful completion of a thousand or more valuation and other related services.

In addition to leading what is now one of the country’s respected real estate appraisal firms, Mr. Agosto was known for his training courses, which helped to establish him as one of the leading industry experts in appraisal business.  He also continues to learn and upgrade knowledge from various institution here in the country and abroad. Last August 2018, the Complex Properties Real Estate Valuation seminar in Bangkok, Thailand helped to widen his knowledge on the different approaches in valuation.

AA RealtyPro Solutions is proud of its rich history in providing excellent appraisal services and will continue to contribute its knowledge and skills to the industry and the general public in the years to come.

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