Professor Gus Agosto Speaks in Ateneo Grad School of Business

Image result for ateneo mba regisProf. Gus Agosto from AA Appraisal & Consultancy gave insight on the Investing Highlights in Cebu Real Estate Market at the Ateneo de Manila-Graduate School of Business, Cebu City Campus.

“Real Estate investing is not only vibrant in Cebu but also has a new tool to look on in the next two years. The different segments and geographical location of properties have been surging in the last ten years.” The opening of Mactan Cebu International Airport Terminal II, and the influx of tourist created a bigger demand for hotels and other hospitality enterprises. The retail sector have been unstoppable on building malls and community retail. The industrial sector expanded with the entry of more and more locator in the Export Processing Zones.”

“The next two years will be shaped by the current infrastructure programs unleashed by the present administration. The opening of Cebu-Cordova Bridge in 2021, New Container Port Terminal in Consolacion Cebu and the continuing renovation and expansion of routes of the Mactan Cebu International Airport,” Agosto explained.

AA Appraisal & Consultancy – as a comprehensive real estate services firm not only provides expertise in real estate investment and appraisal but also act as a specialised research firm for property projects.


Professor Gus Agosto stressing the market situation and real estate investment in Cebu.


Professor Gus Agosto receiving a certificate of appreciation and token from the MBA-Regis Students of the Ateneo de Manila Graduate School.


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