NHA hold Real Estate Seminar

National_Housing_Authority_(NHA).svgNational Housing Authority’s (NHA) Estate Management Department, in coordination with the University of San Carlos Center for Continuing Education and Enterprise Development (CEED) conducted a seminar on Real Estate Management. It was held in the Law Building of the University of San Carlos in Cebu City.

Prof. Gus Agosto, faculty of Real Estate Management discussed topics on Cebu Property Market: Updates and Trends and Real Estate Valuation. The Seminar was attended by participants from the NHA’s Estate Management Department.

“I am glad our main government agency that provide housing to our people is providing seminars for the development of their employees,”  Appraiser Gus Agosto said. “The participants were well versed in the disposition and provision of housing projects to the people.”

NHA was tasked to develop and implement a comprehensive and integrated housing program which shall embrace, among others, housing development and resettlement, sources and scheme of financing, and delineation of government and private sector participation.

Meanwhile, Center for Continuing Education and Enterprise Development (CEED) offer public and in-house training courses to make businesses competitive and sustainable, research for new theories and knowledge, and consultancy services to the industry, government, academe, and non-profit organisations.





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