Valuation of batching plant by Income Approach (A Restrospect)

batching plantwAA Appraisal, the sought after provider of valuations and analytic solutions for real estate in the Visayas, look back at the completion of its assignment in valuing a batching plant in Cebu, Philippines.

Cordova Total Services was one of the most  high-profile client of AA Appraisal. Previously, the appraisal provider has appraised a 3-Star Hotel in the area.

“AA Appraisal  has built a reputation as the go-to valuations and analytics service provider in the Visayas” shared Gus Agosto, President and Owner of AA Appraisal Solutions. “The appraisal of a batching plant is quite challenging to us, but we have delivered the solution to our client expected from us.” The property is unusual, having been under a usufruct agreement with a local government unit. We have to employ not only cost approach method, but also the discounted cash flow method in arriving at a market value.

AA Appraisal Solutions we’re in a position to continue to develop improvements to the appraisal process and deploy meaningful solutions that benefit clients and make informed decision easier.”

Previously, AA Appraisal served clients such as Vivant Corporation, an energy firm, PTT Corporation, SteelAsia Corp., Avida Corp., Paramount Properties, and La Nueva Supermarket.

We have to provide our client an analysis that will be helpful in the decision making process.

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