AA Appraisal attended seminar on complex property valuation in Bangkok

AA Appraisers attended the seminar on complex property valuation in Bangkok, Thailand. The seminar was hosted by Thai Real Estate Business School, under Dr. Sopon Pornchokchai.

Dr. Sopon Pornchokchai has had experience in real estate research and valuation since 1982. He is an experienced valuer and lecturer on valuation at the undergraduate and graduate levels and in training courses in Thailand and abroad. He was a consultant to the ESCAP, UN-Habitat, World Bank and other international organizations. He gained a Ph.D. in land and housing from the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) and had further property valuation training from LRTI-Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and in housing development from Katholieke Universeit Leuven (Belgium).

The seminar includes topic on valuation of Agarwood plantation in Cambodia;   small commercial airport valuation;  An irrigation & electricity generation dam;  A green building of USD 300 million; A 5-star hospital in Thailand; A Business Hotel in Brazil; Wholesales fresh market;   gold mine valuation; Market feasibility study of a new township; Pipeline valuation; A valuation case of pretties;  A public park and opportunity costs in Nepal; A resort in Vietnam; A gigantic shopping mall of 4.3 million sq.feet; A rundown shopping centre in Laos; Valuing a slum in Jakarta; A toll road valuation case study in Bangkok; and valuation of train stations.

During the conference, along with his PAREB delegates, Prof. Gus connected with other participants and engaged in conversations about the practice of valuation in their own countries.

The conference also provided the participants with an opportunity to hear about the different approaches in income valuation like the residual method, Corregidor factor, free cash flow enterprise, free cash flow equity, capital factor derivation, cap rates, weighted quality scores, weighted average cost of capital and capm.

“These learnings have increased my knowledge and elevated to a new and higher level on the value of income approach and other method.” The owner of AA RealtyPro Solution have said. “It connects my professional practice and academe life. Having taught finance and economics, I appreciate the application of different tools in solving practical problems in complex property valuation”.


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