More lawyers consulted AA Appraisers on appraisal litigation

lawA credible and convincing determination of value is essential in properties under litigation or disputes. Lawyers acquire the services of appraisers to perform duties as appraiser. Courts also appoint commissioners that will help in determining the just compensation of the properties in disputes.

“Most cases we underwent were for expropriation and eminent domain. While in the international level, we have assignments for marriage property dissolution and matrimonial property proceedings.” Appraiser Gus shared to Real Appraisal.

Appraisal for the court is performed when the property disputes are heard since usually the question on amount of controversy arises. The questions on specific amount of controversy always arise in a court session and only independent appraisal for the court will be able to become the critical factor which leads to a decision. In such cases the court needs a competent expert appraiser.

“We have the Finemore Walters & Story Solicitors, Grotewohl Law Firm in California, USA and Brisbane, Australia. In the local level we have GSE Law firm, CBASE Law among the list of big legal firms as clientele.”

AA Appraisal core services lies in an extremely well researched, documented and written appraisal reports. It ensures the quality of reports being generated because it is the fundamental building block in a successful litigation assignment.

Appraiser Agosto has been appointed recently by the regional courts of Talisay and Cebu City  as an Appraisal Commissioner that will help in determining the market value of properties subject for just compensation.

“We were elated knowing that more and more lawyers and courts acquired our services.”


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