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14502712_1258532074188302_6392999861770455162_nAppraiser Planner Gus Agosto was invited as a guest speaker in the recently held Philippine Association of Real Estate Board 56th National Convention and Election.  The convention was held in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte last October 6-8, 2016. He discusses the top concerns in real estate appraisal and appraisers  and how to navigate them.

Gus Agosto has been appointed Appraisal Commissioner by different regional trial courts in Cebu and former Managing Partner of Intech Property Appraisal, Inc. He is also a lecturer in University of San Carlos, Cebu City and the founding president of Cebu South Real Estate Board, an affiliate of PAREB.

“They appreciated much the discussion”,  the guest speaker said after the session.  Appraiser Gus  discussed top issues in real estate appraisal such as property identification, encroachment,  value adjustments,  highest and best use, legal documents and marketability.

The discussion was both enriching and interactive,  designed to help real estate practitioners in handling clients requirement for bank loans, buying and selling properties and properties subject to court litigations.

“There are many questions arises in the discussion. It shows of their enthusiasm to the topic. Appraisers should dare to show their crop in appraisal to appreciate and differentiate the profession.”  Appraiser Gus concluded.




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