Real Estate Updates

Last December 17, 2015, Appraiser Gus Agosto attended the Philippine Association of Realty Consultants & Specialists (PARCS) Annual Election and Membership Meeting held at Tiara Hotel in Makati City, Metro Manila. The guest speaker is no other than the Chairman of Philippine Regulatory Board of Real Estate Service (PRBRES) Eduardo G. Ong. On this occasion he  announced the following:

  1. There will be six (6) real estate examinations in 2016. Two for Real Estate Brokers, two for real estate appraisers and 2 for Consultants.
  2. Those who flunk the previous exams can take the exams but the Board is considering to limit the number of times one can retake exams.
  3. CPD conduct will now be regulated.
  4. The Board will conduct monitoring in mall exhibits for licensing and accreditation compliance of practitioners.
  5. Other matters like resa amendments, aipo, APEC, ASEAN and bsrem were also discussed.

“These developments will greatly help the real estate industry”. re-elected PARCS EVP, Bong Labrador said.  “With the recent announcement of the Chairman, the landscape of real estate practice is evolving towards advancement and will greatly enhance the capabilities of practitioners comes ASEAN,” Appraiser Gus opined.

PARCS on the other hand, will continue in raising the standard of its members thru educations and organizational strengthening and  contribute to the industry’s surging forward.

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