New Environmental Planner

Gus Agosto has just passed the Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) Licensure Examination for EnvAppraisergus4=3ironmental Planner. He is one of the 178 successful, out of 357 examinees. The examination was given last June 9 & 10, 2015.

“It was the toughest examination I ever had”, Gus told his friends and relatives. “Now I can help more in protecting our environment and play an active role in planning issues”, he further said.

Republic Act 10587 stated that “Environmental Planning is also known as urban and regional planning, city planning, town and country planning, and/or human settlements planning.”

Under the said law, the scope of practice of the profession includes providing technical consultation, rendering of technical advice, plan preparation, capacity building and monitoring and evaluation of implementation. Also, preparation of feasibility studies, environmental assessments and institutional, administrative or legal systems. They can also serve as expert witness, resource person, lecturer, juror or arbitrator in hearings, competitions, exhibitions and other public fora.

“Being an Environmental Planner is a big task and a great challenge. It happens when the biggest issues hounding our land were environment and urbanization. I will contribute in planning for the betterment of our people and the next generation”, Gus ended.

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