Valuation Masterclass


This course is designed to equip participants with skills regarding the valuation of residential properties- whether income generating or for home user. It also includes the applications of market analysis, due diligence, land development valuation and others. The course combines theoretical rigor and practical relevance to provide participants with required skills for the analysis of residential properties.




There are many models for valuing real estate properties as there are analysts doing valuations. While we often talk about sales comparison and cost approach, we seldom talk about income approaches and its techniques. Participants will be able to understand different natures and business models in valuation and of business related to these properties. The seminar will use case studies as examples from actual practices.


Course Reviews from Participants:

Atty. Eric Jay, Palawan

With the ever growing concerns on real estate valuation coupled with a plethora of subject on the matter, skills development and post-implementation evaluation are more and more becoming a necessity.

With a point of addressing these concerns, the lecture series of Mr. Gus Agosto for the Palawan Real Estate Brokers and Appraisers provided for a key that raises the bar of our fellows in the profession.

Applause to Sir Agosto for as the profession continue to flourish, similar skill sharing activity must continue to be recognized as a tool in transferring theory into practice, and the latter towards acceptable, equitable and ethical real estate experience. The expanded know-how brought by the lecture to the members does not only improve the qualifications but more so with building everyone’s confidence in the conduct of property appraisal.

Hoping for similar developmental courses with further emphasis on an intensive application of appraisal on government projects, corporate acquisition and stocks valuation. I do further recommend similar lectures to the appraisal community so that in the end the we will not be a profession divided by itself but one united in perspective.

More power. GOD BLESS


Ian Monte de Ramos, Palawan.

I find the seminar informative and worth attending. I became more confident in doing appraisal jobs and from now on I will be employing income approach often because Before I only use sales and cost approach and because of the master valuation class it became clearer to me how get the cap rate “build up” and apply this in may appraisal jobs if subject properties are income generating assets.



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