Opinion of Value

There are more reasons a property owner, buyer and real estate practitioners-brokers and agents, to get the services of a real estate appraiser.

Pricing a listing is one of the hardest— and perhaps most important — tasks in real estate. Sellers can get it wrong in either direction: If the asking price is too low, the sellers might end up leaving money on the table; if it’s too high, they won’t tap into the right target group, will lose a lot of time and may then end up selling for even less.

Can you rely on a “mata-mata” or guessing? The answer is “NO”. You cannot.

Relying on a guess or the word of a non-certified person is inaccurate and will not estimate the true market value of a property. However, with the skilled and experienced real estate appraiser, who apply the methodology of appraisal and employ the ethical guidelines for determining values, can be relied on with confidence because it is a defensible estimate of value that is substantiated. The Appraisal will hold up to scrutiny.

In our real estate profession where trust is the most important aspect, a real estate professional-broker and agents, should acquire the services of a licensed appraiser. It is more beneficial to the clients having it appraised. It helps in fostering the relationship with the client and the confidence of the public on our real estate practitioners.

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