Due diligence

Our real esate due diligence services include:

  1. Market Study – gain understanding of the real estate market in your desired location
  2. Site inspection – physical inspection of the site on possible encroachment, access, topography, occupants and boundaries.
  3. Land use verification- confirm zoning designation and make sure its current use complies with the zoning ordinances
  4. Research and documents analysis ( title, survey, tax declarations,tax records)
  5. Appraisal of market value
  6. Environmental Assessment- analyze for any possible environmental hazard or issues  that a property may exist such as gas leak, hidden oil container, wetlands, or past usage as manufacturing.

We provide due diligence process that is intensive, and is well worth the effort to safeguard your investment. As a party in a transaction, you deserve to have all relevant information about the property.